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Dreams Shape Landscapes



Life coach model


The major difference from Life Coaching is that the

Dream that
     Shapes the
          Landscape is the Corporate Dream.

Thus Corporate Coaching is most suited to those people who have key responsibility within the organisation:

  • The Board of Directors,
  • Managers at all levels,
  • Project Leaders,
  • Marketing Executives,
  • Technical and Customer Support Staff

I am sure you can add to the list those people with different jobs or job descriptions that are relevant to you own particular business.

An obvious aspect for managers at all levels is the development of their own personal skills that will provide the environment within which people can and will give of their best.

Every business wants, needs, to get the best from its own people – and to make the best of their abilities. And that is where Corporate Coaching comes in, to help people adjust to the business ethos, and to develop those abilities.

  Even so, the basic premise of coaching remains – helping each individual find their own way of living comfortably with themselves by making whatever changes are necessary for that to happen, in this case, specifically within the working environment.

Inevitably, there will be times when the changes an individual needs to make are more related to their personal approach to life than to procedures within the firm. But, when they make those personal changes – the firm gains.

Every owner of a business has a dream.  What is yours?

Geoff Arnold corporate coachingWhether you run your business alone or as a member of a small partnership, too often dealing with all the practical matters robs you of the time and energy to explore and develop your ideas – to fulfill that dream.

The pressures of business life, especially in the current economic downturn, can all too easily work their way into your personal and family life and disrupt the enjoyment that you all want  - and need.  Keeping your initial focus can be hard to achieve.

Over the last 13 years I have helped small business owners to realise their dreams and supported them in their journey.

As you can see from my personal page I am a Counsellor, Life and Corporate Coach and an NLP practitioner.  To my work I bring experience from a  wide business background including law and finance, property development, catering, entertainment and sports management. This varied background and personal experience help me to understand your challenges.

However, I am not a business consultant offering to give you advice. Quite the opposite.  I know that buried within you are the solutions to your situation, be that in your business life or the interaction with your personal life.  My skills are in helping you to cut through the fog that clouds the issues, distinguish the best answers from all the other thoughts you have, and then supporting you as you put them into practice.

I can also work with your employees to make the best of their abilities. Every business, and especially SME's, needs to develop its people in order to achieve the overall business objectives.  To this end, in addition to Corporate Coaching, I also can provide a mentoring service.

Contact me to arrange an initial, free, consultation so we may explore your needs and how I can help you achieve the results you want.