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Dreams Shape Landscapes










Sessions usually last about 45 minutes. I ask for a commitment to an initial series of 3 sessions, to give us time to explore the issue(s) and make some progress. But I only ask you to pay per session at £30 each time.

If you consider that all you need is just one session to talk things through – please see How we Work.





                   No meaning in life?

                      Relationship problems?

Life can be better!                    You can go from...

here to...    ...there
     From the now you do not like... ...to a better future.

If there is something preventing you from being, feeling, how you want; an issue that you can’t shake off, that spoils your day, your relationships; then Counselling may be the answer.

I will walk with you on your journey as you make the change you want.
       To cross the bridge.
       The bridge is there. Believe me.
       You may not see it now, hold it in your Dream and it can be found,
       it can be built, through counselling.

For my part, I can understand the desire, the need, to go forward and leave the past behind so that it no longer conditions how you are today. I have my beliefs but they will not intrude: I am equally at home with people who are faith-based, humanistic, or neither.

What I offer is a partnership, non-judgemental and completely confidential, to help you realise the dream of how you want to be.

I do not give advice, but I may suggest techniques that will help you to achieve the result you desire. Look through the rest of the website. If you think or feel that we can work together, call me for a discussion without obligation.


I listen – to you

I ask – to understand you better

I support – your choices