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Dreams Shape Landscapes





Remember!            It Is Never Too Late

What do you want out of life?

What are you prepared to put into it?

FIRST:       Dream Your LandScape - and realise your goals

You do not have to paint it – see it in your mind’s eye.

What is nearby and within easy grasp - can that be the first step to the whole picture?

What is far away and seemingly out of reach – your current and specific need, want, goal, or that essential, internal feel of: “This is how I want to be” like a backdrop against which you want to live your life ?


Traditionally the dragon guards treasure:

You know some of your strengths – the Bright Dragon.
Together, let us discover the Black Dragon, your hidden, unrecognised talents – your treasure - that you can bring to your life’s journey.

The Circle

Think of the white as daylight and black as nighttime: things can be seen in daylight, and when we shine a torch into the darkness, again things can be seen. But there are times in the daylight when we do not see what is there!

This is where Coaching can be rewarding.

What is your Dream?

When you look back on a dream there is always a lot of detail to be observed. A landscape is like that, lots of individual detail making up the whole picture, just like life.

  • Are you looking at the big picture and confused because it does not match your dream and you are uncertain how to achieve what you want?
  • Which do you paint first – the sky, the mountains, the rich brown earth?
  • Or is it that a part of the picture is wrong and needs to be changed.
  • Perhaps the whole feel coming from the artist – you – is not quite right.

Coaching can help you to resolve the situation, whether that be changing a specific aspect, or exploring and resolving that feel of unease that affects the whole of your life.

Do you see your situation like one of these:

Idyllic surroundings, climbable, but need help



Grand, dramatic, but unassailable

  • You do not have to remain conditioned by or stuck in the past.
  • Belief systems can be supporting, they can also be limiting.
  • Living is a serious business but it can be enjoyable.
  • Coaching is serious, success is rewarding, there can be fun on the journey.

Whichever your Dream, whatever your Path
Your Coach can journey with you.

Remember - it is Your Dream – You are free to change it.