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Dreams Shape Landscapes



Life coach model


Geoff ArnoldIt is very satisfying to help someone to achieve the success they want, to take a step towards, or especially to actually realise their goal, their desire – their very dream. This can be a permanent advance, such as an improved relationship, or a short term need, such as coping with a period of stress.

My personal journey started in my early teens with an exploration of philosophy , psychology and different religions as I sought to understand myself, other people and, dare I say, the meaning of life. That search led me into a variety of workshops and my own therapy as I sought to grow and change the parts of myself I did not like. As time went by I was helped immensely over many years by two people: my step father, a Jungian trained psychotherapist; and a transpersonal counsellor who became a very good friend and with whom I lead workshops on self growth.

My own life has been fulfilling and has brought me a diverse range of experience, ranging from the hotel trade and the army, through the theatre, catering, the entertainment industry, sport administration, property development, politics, to law and the finance industry.

All that has brought me into contact with a wide variety of people from various cultures and backgrounds and a multitude of different situations. Everyone is different. No matter what a person’s culture or background, each one of us is an individual. Not only will one person’s needs not be the same as an other’s, they may even be the complete opposite. My experiences mean that I bring to my work an approach that is non-judgemental, not just because that is how a Coach must be, but because that is how life has taught me to be.

In a rich and varied life it would be surprising if I had not made mistakes. I have. And I’ve had my share of failures. But it is from those that I’ve learnt, grown and built my successes.

I qualified as a counsellor in 1995 and subsequently as a Coach and NLP Practitioner and am married with two sons and a daughter.

Now I am living out the next stage of my Dream: using my experience and training to help others, as I have been helped along my way. Although a sole practitioner, I am not alone as I have the support of professional colleagues and the Coaching Academy. With all such support there is total respect for complete client confidentiality.