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Coaching with Geoff Arnold

Life coaching with Geoff Arnold offers a partnership that will help you go forward in life and to make the changes you want. This is done through an objective and impartial approach, completely confidential and non judgemental.

  • Find out what you really want from life
  • Get support whilst going through a change
  • Achieve a better understanding of yourself and/or others
  • Have more fulfilling relationships
  • Create a better work/life balance
  • Get out of the rut you are stuck in
  • Discover how you can make changes to give yourself a more fulfilling life
  • Explore your deep inner needs – and satisfy them

Curious about the process or wondering if coaching is the right method for what you want? Would I be the right coach for you? Contact me for an initial ‘no obligation’ discussion. My approach is based on three essential aspects:

  • I listen - to hear your needs, wants, hopes, dreams.
  • I ask questions - to explore your situation in new ways, and help you see all the options and alternatives.
  • I support you in following through on the decisions and choices you make.

To achieve any major change usually requires a number of sessions. Perhaps you feel that all you need is to talk things over or relieve the tensions in a particular situation. For that I offer the option of a one-off session.

Coaching with Geoff Arnold

"His empathy and understanding helped me uncover some limiting beliefs that were causing me to be too critical and hard on myself. I now have strategies to use..."

S.D. - Design Consultant