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Life coach model


Why are you thinking about finding a coach? Because you need or want something and you would like to have it – now and not tomorrow? Coaching costs – but not a lot – and what you can get out of it can be a lot more valuable. You may measure that in terms of money: an improvement in your business or career; or in the personal satisfaction of an improved relationship, a more satisfying life.

We are not taught how to live. We receive guidance, and sometimes rules, from parents, school, interactions with friends, colleagues, society at large. A lot of our learning is from trial and error. So what is failure? A means to success. If you were unsure about the answer to an exam question, but chose the right one – did you remember? I’ll wager that if you chose the wrong one you did remember that!

  • Want to move into a new area of life?
  • Need to tackle an existing but troubling one?
  • Uncertain of how or what the outcome might be?
  • Fear of the unknown?
  • Fear of failure?
  • You know your goal, but not how to reach it?
  • You feel that you do not need counselling or therapy.

What you need is someone to accompany you on that journey, to encourage and support, without judgement or criticism. A coach can be that person.

One client wanted help in setting up a business. In the process, she explored different areas, changed her focus and finally settled on something quite different from her original idea, but still within the broad area of the service industry that had been her initial choice. She is now very happily launching that business. She has achieved two goals: not merely the first one of how to set up a business, but also the discovery of a new business to which she feels totally committed – a recipe for success.

It is important to say that I am not claiming that coaching can solve all of anyone’s problems. There will be situations where coaching is not the appropriate method. If that is so, then I will say so and suggest where it might be more appropriate to seek help. In this connection I am a qualified counsellor.